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We create evolution that inspires people and transforms their business.

We started Oxygen Learning as a “traditional” learning development (L&D) company that designed evolutionary learning programs that focused on sales, leadership and performance management. People absorbed our programs enthusiastically and left energized. We learned, however, that learning developed in isolation, even when supported by leaders, lacks the organizational reinforcement necessary to sustain real behavior change.

We evolved to focus on business outcomes because “learning and development” often worked in isolation (even when supported by leadership). And that kind of isolation created a lack of organizational buy-in necessary to sustain real behavior change — especially in sales and service roles.

To help our clients achieve a lasting impact, we are now revolutionizing the way L&D accelerates business success by creating evolutionary experiences that connect the dots and drive lasting business impact.

As a human capital enablement company, we catalyze the evolution required to inspire people and transform the way they work. We work alongside you and your team to evaluate the current state and then partner with you to design future state approaches and methods that not only develop your people but also support your company’s strategic goals.

Oxygen Learning

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Leadership Team (Click Picture for Bio)

112-compressed-160x160Juliana is Oxygen Learning’s CEO and chief motivator. When you meet her, one thing consistently shines through — It’s all about people. Always has been. Always will be. So much so, in September 2009 Juliana bought Oxygen Learning and made Seattle its home. Juliana’s background is diverse, from working in a large law firm, to hopping the big pond to take a job in Munich, Germany, making Europe her home for over 4 years. Not too surprising, her roles have all been about people development, leading to her passion and her mission – to revolutionize corporate training. Her mantra? Make it easy to learn, easy to remember, and easy to use. Which results in becoming a better employee, and a better leader. Her influence has made a measureable difference for companies like Microsoft, GSK, Harris Group and Active Networks.

Juliana Stancampiano

Brian is the Director of Oxygen’s Consulting Group and Sales Enablement Practice. When you meet him, you’ll see where his passion lies — tackling the HR challenge of aligning human capital to the business strategy. No easy feat. His passion is grounded in helping business leaders and teams shift from old ways of thinking to new ways of working. Brian is a futuristic learning architect who recognizes the challenges that businesses face in moving to a fully productive 21st century workforce. He is also a realist who understands the here-and-now and breaks down the barriers to cross-functional work. There’s a reason why he’s so passionate about our clients’ business growth: he’s held sales and sales management positions, studied professional selling at the PhD level, and helped thousands of sales people and sales leaders through enablement strategies and initiatives. So why did he join Oxygen? Well, he’s set standards in Learning and Development at the Association for Talent Development (formerly ASTD), he’s worked for the largest training outsourcing and services company (the purveyor of those standards) and he’s been a recipient of traditionally designed training programs. Through this process he’s concluded that many of the philosophies and approaches that L&D leaders and teams take simply aren’t relevant or valuable enough to the company’s business strategy. Brian has joined Oxygen because he feels it’s poised to lead and accelerate the quest to transform the L&D industry and give the industry a seat at the business table.

Outside of conquering the L&D revolution you can find Brian with his family, sampling wine and hoping that the Miami Dolphins become a team worth watching again.


Brian Lambert, PhD

Diane knew she wanted to work with numbers and businesses before she even understood what that meant, proclaiming at a very young age “I’m going to be an accountant and work in a corporation after graduating from the College of William and Mary”. Why William and Mary? Well because the Anheuser Busch Clydesdale horses lived nearby, of course. Diane’s love of numbers began when she was very young watching her father run his dog grooming business out of a converted garage at their home. Because she would ask so many questions while watching her father groom dogs, her father would play “number games” to quiet her down. The games started with counting his pocket change, which if counted correctly she could keep, and by age 13 she was doing all of his bookkeeping and banking. Turns out, Diane did graduate with an accounting degree from William and Mary, become a CPA and a Chief Financial Officer. Most recently Diane has held the role of CFO for CoinStar, Naverus, Bag Borrow or Steal, Screenlife Games and Synapse Product Development. Through it all there has been a desire and ability to teach “non-numbers people” how to understand the numbers and think about them strategically. This passion turned into another aspect of her career, teaching. Not only is Diane the CFO for Oxygen Learning, she also teaches in Oxygen Learning classrooms around the world. Locally, you can find her teaching the Financial Bootcamp course she designed or in the classrooms at the University of Washington teaching Entrepreneurial Finance, Venture Capital Investing and Entrepreneurial Decision Making. When Diane isn’t being a CFO, a facilitator or a professor, you can find her at the stables with her horse Rico, riding and competing, or out walking her beloved dogs, Elliott and Emma.

Diane Legg

Natasha began her professional life with a 5-star hotel company which taught her that almost anything is possible with creativity and appropriate resources, that all jobs have customers and that providing an exemplary service is something to be proud of.

These beliefs have stayed with her throughout her career in human resources in diverse fields including venture capital, wealth management, non-profit, retail, food & beverage and tech start-ups, including Trophy Cupcake, Seattle Foundation, Washington Research Foundation, PointIt and Elite Fitness. Her passion and expertise is in encouraging the alignment of corporate culture with company values and objectives. She enjoys providing her clients with the tools and guidance they can use to make decisions. Her success as a leader is built on her intuition, sense of humor, and genuine belief that with intention everyone can create great results.

Natasha received her M.S. Management from Antioch University – Seattle and her B.A. in Political Science from the University of Massachusetts – Amherst. She holds certification as a Senior Professional Human Resources (SPHR) and is a SHRM Senior Certified Professional. She is certified in DiSC (Thomas). In addition to these professional credentials, Natasha is a certificated veterinary assistant and her non-profit holds annual spay/neuter campaigns in the Yucatan, Mexico.

Natasha Zweig