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Think Differently. Sell Differently.™

Who is Agility Selling for?

Sales Reps Ι Sales Executives Ι Sales Trainers

What makes Agility Selling® unique?

Non - Linear

Traditional selling programs follow a ``waterfall`` or step process approach to selling. Agility Selling allows decision to be made relevant to the buyer's needs, not just checking off a box in the process.

Problem - Centric

Agility Selling focuses on the buyer and their problems. Many selling programs focus on their products first, customers second. As a result, they're irrelevant to their buyers.

Conversation - Focused

Agility Selling designs solutions working backwards from buyer conversations (external focus) while most programs design solutions from the purchase point backwards (internal focus).

Go - to - Customer

Most programs follow a ``mass-market`` approach to selling success. Agility Selling's approach is tailored to each individual from your sellers down to your buyers.

Why is Oxygen Learning Partnering with Agility Selling?

Business is constantly evolving. To be more specific, the way that people work is constantly evolving. This means that keeping up with this pace of change is critical for success in today’s economy. We decided to partner with Agility Selling because of the mutual desire we share to engage and enable the employees responsible for selling in this reality.

We both recognize that in a complex world, organizations need help in protecting the alignment between their sales team and the customer.  With an often overwhelming amount of noise coming at individual sellers, it can be challenging to acquire the skills and competencies needed to attain success.  The same holds true for organizations attempting to provide the proper training and skills for those same employees.

If you have questions as to how Oxygen Learning and Agility Selling can help you, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page or give us a call at 206.629.6424. For more information on Agility Selling, you can check out the website at http://agilityselling.com/ or follow Agility Selling on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

About Agility Selling

Agility Selling is not your traditional sales approach. It is a full methodology that allows tailoring for everything from simple, B2C interactions that require a more consultative approach up to complex, enterprise level B2B strategic relationships – all focused on driving relevance into customer conversations. This is also not a “one-size-fits-all” approach to selling like other companies. Using the Agility Selling methodology, our team works with you to create a highly customized sales approach that only you will own in order to help you and your sales team connect with your buyers and start driving results.

Why was Agility Selling created?

Agility Selling was created with the buyer in mind. One area where many companies still struggle is training their sales force to be problem-centric vs. product-centric, thinking about their customers and their needs first. We’ve spoken with many buyers over the years and one of the things they continually stress to us is that they don’t feel they are truly understood, nor are their problems.

This is the reason Agility Selling exists today. We’re a dedicated team of seasoned sales professionals who have seen and heard it all throughout our tenure as sellers. Using the skills, tools, research and knowledge we’ve acquired through thousands of interactions with customers, our goal is to equip you with the right tools to better understand your customer and their problems while driving revenue and productivity.

If  you’re still unsure about Agility Selling’s capability to transform your sales team, read what customers are saying.

Agility Selling - Client Example

If you would like more information about Agility Selling or would like to know how we can help you have relevant conversations with your buyers, please fill out the contact form below.