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20 Jan Coping with Change

Did you happen to see the Duracell commercial about free climber Kevin Jorgenson that went viral in 2015? It is powerful imagery echoing times in all of our lives when it feels like we are faced with challenges and coping with change. The climber’s challenge...

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16 Dec Business Acumen: The Secret to Successful Training

Organizations need employees and managers to contribute their best to ensure business success. Executives expect employees to act and think like business owners, understanding how resources are converted into value, how finances work, and how stakeholders view their long-term investment. These topics and many more comprise the concept of business acumen. ...

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Questions for Training Design

29 Oct Critical Questions for Learning Leaders

It's highly likely that your company needs to grow. As a Human Capital Enablement professional, your CEO's growth strategy is the mandate that allows you to drive the change you're looking for. In  your organization, many client-facing, revenue-generating employees (for example, sales and service employees) often...

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Competitive Advantage Training and Skills

21 Sep Learning as a Competitive Advantage

Organizations struggle to find sustainable competitive product advantages. The pace of change in today’s business environment has resulted in significantly shorter product cycles. In her new book The End of Competitive Advantage, Ruth Gunther McGrath says that strategies built upon differentiators are becoming irrelevant. Her view...

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