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Change management and training impact for business

10 Jul Change Starts With Us

Ever since the day I found out that "real training" wasn't training at all, I’ve been haunted by a simple thought that came to mind.. How could it be that much of what is taught about the training profession in schools, books, and industry standard-setting organizations...

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Impact, ROI, Kirkpatrick, Levels of Impact

01 Jul That Wasn’t Training!

About 4 years ago my colleague at the time Scott Santucci (now with Alexander Group) and I were working together to build some custom sales training in this technology firm that sold consulting, services, and products. As we were working together on the customer’s challenge,...

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training, HR, Sales training

21 Jun Making Training Relevant Again

I am a big supporter of the people in the training function. But, I'm constantly asked by business unit leaders, sales leaders, and VPs outside the training function; "Brian, why is training so broken?" When it comes to learning and development (training), I have seen some extremely...

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human resources change

01 May Crossing the L&D Chasm

In the course of my work across the human capital enablement landscape, I talk with a lot of learning leaders about their challenges in building a bridge to the lines of business.  Some have become partners to the business units, but most feel they don’t...

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