Learning as a Service

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Learning as a Service

Without a new approach to learning, CLOs and learning leaders often struggle to evolve the learning function into a truly modern and adaptive organization. Many wrestle with outdated models for “training” their employees to perform in new ways while understanding that the business likely has evolved and demands “more.” Just as your company’s external customers demand something different, so too do your internal customers.

Oxygen has collaborated with world-class organizations to develop an approach that learning leaders can use to deliver an adaptive portfolio of services that actually changes behavior over time. We call it Learning as a Service.

Learning as a Service isn’t a technology platform, it’s a re-deployment of your existing Learning and Development operating model in a way that aligns with your business leaders. Changing your current learning function to a Learning-as-a-Service provider to your business leaders helps your company:

  • Achieve economies of scale: Increase volume output or productivity with fewer people in the learning function. Your cost per course, project or program plummets.
  • Streamline content creation processes. Get more work done in less time with fewer
  • Improve accessibility of learning. With the right learning solutions, learners can have access anytime and anywhere, increasing their capability to drive results.
  • Monitor learning impact more effectively. Stay within budget and ahead of course and program milestone dates.
  • Upskill the L&D talent pool. It takes fewer people to produce content from within the L&D function, but the skills required are different and more consultative.
  • Improve line of business engagement: Stretch and grow with the needs of the business and develop more impactful relationships to help forecast demand for your learning service(s)
  • Improve flexibility. You can change direction without serious “people” or “financial” issues at stake.

By combining our expertise and human capital methodologies with the knowledge you and your colleagues have about the way your organization operates, we design our engagements to ensure that you achieve your desired business outcomes. To successfully link your growth strategy to real results, you need advice from a partner who can help you chart your course, avoid potential roadblocks, and ultimately teach new, transformative behaviors.

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