Onboarding New Hire Training

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Onboarding/New Hire Training

Today’s new hire training and onboarding programs are evolving from tactical checklist-driven approaches to more strategic, ongoing programs. Leaders are looking for ways to ensure their new hires not only have the knowledge they need but also learn how to add the right value. As customers continue to evolve, new hire training requirements increase. As a result, many leaders across your organization likely struggle to clearly define the value of new hire training programs.

We take an “engineering” approach to building new hire capabilities and skills so they can succeed in the organization. We do not charge licensing fees for custom-built content and we engage based on the kind of help you need (i.e. by serving as an experienced architect, content consultant, and/or instructional designer). We work with our clients to create and curate content that drives business objectives and help internal champions achieve success.

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