Sales Coaching

Evolving Front-Line Sales Coaching Relationships

Sales Coaching

Your sales strategy is set, and the sales management team is expected to drive results. The challenge is, the lag between the sales strategy being set and execution happening in the field  can be considerable (as long as 18 months in some of our clients). Sales Coaching improves execution through the interpersonal and productive relationship between managers and their sales team members. Sales coaching can help reps and managers overcome complexity and acquire the knowledge and sales skills they need to be successful.

Oxygen Learning understands that achieving desired outcomes hinges on clarifying the relationship between reps and managers, aligning motivators, and removing obstacles. We focus on the critical front-line manager and rep relationship to ensure consistent sales coaching is delivered to create lasting behavior change. It is a disciplined process that requires a logical set of connected activities by people in both our organizations to make a strategy work and bring it to life.

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