Complimentary Report – HR Growth Mandate for the New Economy

11 May Complimentary Report – HR Growth Mandate for the New Economy

The New HR Growth Mandate for the New Economy

A new economy has emerged from the economic shifts that occurred in 2008 lurched the global economy forward into a deep recession that has never fully recovered. To this day, businesses are still falling short, described by what is now becoming a familiar phrase: the gap between strategy and execution.This adaptive struggle between the CEO’s growth agenda and its implementation has increased complexity in the workplace, creating a variety of productivity problems in today’s workforce.


In the face of lackluster results, Human Resources leaders are confronted with an alarming imperative: find a way to help change the business game, or become irrelevant.


In this report, we define the reality we are seeing across a growing number of enterprise leaders who share a common goal: to adapt their Human Capital ecosystem to the changing business reality.


To enable breakthrough performance in a radically shifted world of work, business leaders must systematically reconsider their organizational assumptions and principles, and adopt a new approach to the way of working. This is the Human Capital Enablement mandate of the 21st century.