Designing a Global Onboarding Program: Framing Your Initiative

26 Sep Designing a Global Onboarding Program: Framing Your Initiative

As one of the key leaders responsible for helping your sales/services team succeed, you know that achieving business outcomes requires the scope, design, deployment and improvement of several initiatives at once. Whether you are juggling a variety of projects, a multitude of “asks,” or the leadership of a single strategic initiative, the importance of being thoughtful, purposeful, and results-driven is already part of your approach from the very beginning. But what about when it comes to the kind of scale that your business leaders are demanding?

To ensure success with sales onboarding, a critical balancing act exists between being methodical and accelerating the pace, between operating strategically AND tactically at the same time. The job is demanding tight management and focus to meet the needs of the business at the time of need and make continuous improvements, never achieving perfection in exchange for measurable effectiveness.

In this recorded webinar, Brian Lambert, Ph.D., will use the example of a global onboarding program to share real-world and impactful insights and approaches you can use to scale and serve hundreds or thousands of salespeople, service agents or other employees in your organization. Here’s what you will be able to take away by listening to this pre-recorded webinar:

      • Define the overall program needs to realistically achieve the business outcome of ramping new hires to productivity
      • Get the right stakeholders and decision makers involved
      • Establish a process for key decisions and escalations
      • Provide mechanisms for setting and managing expectations along the way
      • How to maintain focus on the end result with so many people involved

Watch July’s webinar below: