Driving Performance in Sales Enablement and L&D Leaders

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18 Oct Driving Performance in Sales Enablement and L&D Leaders

Today’s forward-thinking sales enablement and L&D leaders have taken a good look around them and know they can no longer survive by being “order takers” to the increasing number of complex requests from their business stakeholders. As more leaders are asked to build new onboarding programs from scratch, or handle major learning initiatives for customer-facing employees, they are recognizing that it’s time to elevate the game, for them and their teams.

With all of the complexity surrounding the business including market and industry trends, balancing the demands of different stakeholders, and grappling with new requirements and new definitions, the biggest challenge facing L&D leaders today isn’t about what’s possible, it’s about the internal selling required to fund a new direction.

In this recorded webinar, Brian Lambert, Ph.D. will share insights and success factors for developing a game-changing vision and socializing it to key stakeholders to gain buy-in. After watching this recorded webinar, you will be able to take away lessons and frameworks that others have used successfully, including:

  • Framing the business problem and shifting to making a business case
  • Identifying strategic partners and stakeholders
  • Conveying a strategic vision while conveying benefits realized along the way
  • Getting buy-in to get the funding you need

Up for a challenge?

At the end of this webinar, Brian Lambert presented an action item for attendees. Watch the webinar to see what it is and if you’re up for the challenge. We would love your feedback, so feel free to reach out to us and let us know if this helped!

Note: This recorded webinar mentions a webinar for November 2016. This has been postponed to a later date. The L&D Value Contribution Framework Brian mentioned can be found here.

View the September 2016 webinar below.