How We Work

We blend your know-how with ours to figure out the best approaches  to take — together.

We combine our expertise and proven sales enablement and learning methodologies with your knowledge of your organization and your customers to design engagements that navigate the most effective paths to your desired business outcomes. As we work with you and  your teams, we bring industry-leading sales and learning advice, models, templates, and approaches to help you develop the right solution to meet your changing business reality. We also Innovate with you to co-create process maps, project plans, and tactical aids to help you and your team achieve quick wins and overcome potential obstacles so you build and sustain momentum.

Working Together: A TransFormance Approach™

No matter the challenge, we work with you to collaboratively solve problems and embed new behaviors that transform the performance of your people. With our proprietary TransFormance ® approach, we engage with the right organizational stakeholders to:

1. Assess the current state and drivers for change

2. Define a compelling vision of the desired future state

3. Understand the gap between the current and future state

4. Identify and factor in current constraints

5. Create a roadmap detailing the capabilities to be delivered over an agreed-to timeframe to enable change.

6. Establish processes to proactively monitor and adjust the journey so that the function, group or organization reaches the desired destination.

By integrating our industry-leading learning expertise with your unique perspective, we help you and your team create performance breakthroughs – the kind that transform employees, your business, and your business’s top and bottom line.


Focusing Employees on the CEOs new definitions of performance

Aligning critical roles to support changing business strategy

Augmenting a sales kickoff with executive conversation skills

Embedding skills in front-line managers necessary to recruit and select top talent

Accelerating new product launches

Mainstreaming and integrating company acquisitions

Accelerating sales productivity through “learning as a service”

Designing custom training to support critical initiatives

Developing content assets to ensure adoption of key changes

Working Together: What our Clients Say