HR Talent Management

Revamping the Engagement Model to Create Productive Internal Business Partnerships

The rapidly transforming business landscape means that human resource challenges will continue to evolve for years to come. HR leaders work hard to add real business value to their organizations. There is an increased emphasis on deploying training and engagement programs that equip employees with skills and behaviors they need to be successful in the future.

You are a coach, counselor and employee advocate, but you know your primary focus is business strategy. As a business-driven leader, your impact depends on a thorough understanding of the corporate strategic direction and the ability to influence key policies and decisions. To partner with business leadership, challenges must be clearly defined and HR solutions need to be developed and executed effectively.

At Oxygen Learning, we work closely with you to drive specific and measurable outcomes that shift employee behavior and achieve the desired future state.

Typical Challenges We See

How do we align our human capital strategy with our business strategy?

How do we define the roles that must be in place to execute on the new talent strategy?

How do we enable current employees to shift from their current level or performance to the newly defined competencies for successful?

How do we onboard new employees into our performance model and accelerate their ramp up to productivity?

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