Modernizing Your New Sales Reps

New Hire Sales Training, Sales Skills, and Role-play

26 Sep Modernizing Your New Sales Reps

Executives are continuing to look at bringing costs into alignment while at the same time looking for ways to grow their organization. As a result, a lot of activity is happening within the sales team.

Sales leaders are looking to increase the competitiveness of their sales team as the economy continues to slog along. One area under increased scrutiny is the onboarding process within client-facing teams. On one hand, the new hires need to perform quickly and hit their quota as fast as possible. On the other hand, they need to understand what the customer needs and how to communicate the value of products and services.

While this is an age-old problem, today’s solution to this challenge is anything but routine — especially when learning and sales leaders are struggling with justifying the investments being made in new hire onboarding activities and explaining how those activities clearly link to improved competitiveness at the point of sale.

In this recorded webinar, Oxygen Learning Director of Consulting Brian Lambert, Ph.D. will share real-world examples and provide insight on:

  • Helping help new hires achieve more immediate sales results
  • Orchestrating a new hire onboarding process that decreases ramp up time for new hires
  • Understanding how learning and sales leaders are working together to take a top-down and bottom up approach
  • Defining the often overlooked critical links within the process, and how companies looking to manage friction points in the process
  • Getting in front of the likely onboarding “mandates” from above, or from product groups, or business units


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