You’re Hiring Alot of New Sales Reps. Now What?!

Hiring a Lot of Sales Reps-Now What?

19 Sep You’re Hiring Alot of New Sales Reps. Now What?!

There’s a lot of change and complexity in the working world today. Strategies are changing, customers are constantly evolving and businesses are trying to adapt on a daily basis to internal and external forces in the marketplace. Change within the organization isn’t always bad but the change required of HR, Talent and Learning leaders can be daunting. It’s like when your CEO tells you they’ve hired a large number of sales reps and wants you to develop a new hire training program that will get them up and running right away.

Does this sound familiar? Are you required to build and deploy large-scale programs like this? Do you know what approach you are going to take? Large scale hiring imperatives are forcing Human Capital Enablement (HCE) leaders in HR, Training, and Talent to partner together to shift more quickly to become more adaptive. Unfortunately, no matter how much proactive planning is accomplished by HCE leaders and their teams, the speed of new business strategies are creating challenges in closing the gap between customer expectations and new hire ability to communicate value. Find out how to think like an architect to tackle this challenge and design a new hire training program at scale by watching the pre-recorded webinar below.

In this pre-recorded webinar, Oxygen Learning Director of Consulting Brian Lambert, Ph.D. will help you develop a New Hire Training program that serves the sales team while maintaining customer relevance, creating leverage and increasing new hire productivity velocity. After watching this pre-recorded webinar you learn to:

  • Identify new hires skill sets who come from a variety of competitive backgrounds
  • Bring in the voice of the customer
  • Help sellers gain access to customers and have the successful conversations required to move your company’s business strategy forward
  • Partner with the sales organization to develop the right top-down approach while garnering quick wins
  • Implement scalable and agile ways to build content

Watch the pre-recorded webinar below: