Sales Enablement Leaders

Target Today’s New Clients and Streamline Sales

Our dynamic economy and the influence of new technologies and communications channels has fundamentally shifted the way consumers purchase products and services. The world is now a flat communications channel, teaming with information and connections to executives. Seemingly, overnight your clients have changed their buying habits. Winning proposals are suddenly off the mark, first meetings are often the only face-to-face encounter with clients, and your once effective value proposition has lost its relevance.  Clients are the new imperative for your sales force, and now it is your job to arm your sales teams with updated insights and strategies to win in the new economic reality. 

Re-visioning Sales Process and Content for Flexible Alignment in Shifting Markets

Our team of sales experts has been working by your side or within your role for many years.  We fully understand and empathize with the growing demands you face, the shrinking budgets, and the growing need to prove your role in driving the company’s growth strategy. 

The world has changed. There are new ways to engage and teach your internal clients to drive relevant sales enablement in these new markets. At Oxygen Learning, everything we do revolves around client success. Driving success today is not simple. Winning in today’s marketplace requires a new approach based on relevant client conversations. Marketing messages must resonate and client needs aligned with product knowledge. Short term wins need to balance with long-term transformation to satisfy mandated account penetration and overall growth metrics. Our team of experts have leading-edge methodologies, frameworks, and most important—client validation—to help enable your client-facing teams.

We collaborate with our clients to tackle any sales enablement issue: areas that may need optimization, programs that easily can be elevated to a new level of excellence, or a complete transformation to a new level of training service or solution. Our client partnerships offer flexible solutions to organizations at any point in the enablement lifecycle. Our team of passionate sales driven transformers consistently revolutionize sales enablement programs and accelerate business and career objectives for our clients.

Sales Enablement
  • Immersive and engaging Sales Kickoff events
  • Deployment of Sales Enablement Learning as a Service (LaaS)
  • Relevant and engaging Sales Enablement Onboarding and Refresh Training for existing client-facing teams.

Recent Client Projects

Create and develop program assisting sales enablement teams to engage with the right messages to the right clients

Create and develop program to uncover client insights and provide skills to sales enablement teams to communicate these insights

Create and develop coaching program for front-line managers to consistently develop skills across the organization

Incorporation of product marketing, corporate marketing, and client perspectives into existing training programs.

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