society sales enablement
12 Sep

Why The Society for Sales Enablement?

Sales, marketing, training, and sales operations leaders and practitioners are always looking for ways to thrive in the complexity of more complicated buying-selling relationships. Did you know that sales enablement functions now exist in most of the Fortune 100? And many mid-size companies are actively...

12 Sep

The Problem With Customer Centricity

Companies used to compete on operational execution and driving efficiency to out-maneuver the competition. The quest was for better manufacturing capabilities, higher-quality products, and better/faster distribution networks. Now, thanks to emerging business models built on technology, those capabilities are table stakes. Since the economic reboot...

16 Dec

Business Acumen: The Secret to Successful Training

Organizations need employees and managers to contribute their best to ensure business success. Executives expect employees to act and think like business owners, understanding how resources are converted into value, how finances work, and how stakeholders view their long-term investment. These topics and many more comprise the concept of business acumen. ...