Service Delivery Leaders

Increase Customer Engagement to Ensure Sustainability and Growth

As a Services Leader, your passion is customer relationships and retention. You understand it costs more to acquire new customers than to retain current ones.   However, when people in critical functions confuse customer satisfaction with customer loyalty, a perception may arise that there is nothing that needs fixing. This myopic view inhibits your ability to systematically improve customer relationships.

Helping leaders and teams align their processes, workflows, and outputs and drive strong customer relationships and organic growth is critical, but getting there is easier said than done. The key is helping everyone understand who the customer is and how you provide them value. You also have to fine-tune your listening engine to help create more meaningful loyalty through customer interactions and engagement.

Oxygen Learning partners with you and your team to meet customer expectations. We work to develop and implement solutions that help leaders and teams across your organization consider each of your customer’s unique needs.

Typical Challenges We See

How do we transform our call center training from static to agile?

How do we rapidly build and launch a retail employee training across the country?

How do we roll out customer loyalty programs and evolve them?

How do we help design and optimize Customer Education Programs?

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