VPs of Sales

Engineer Real Sales Growth through Client-centered Actions

Sales executives are watching the business landscape radically transform. Across every industry, sales organizations are continually evolving client strategies to adapt to today’s business environment and its changing dynamics. Sales strategies from yesterday are no longer effective to drive the client journey today, product life cycles are no longer the basis for sales conversations, and traditional communication hierarchies are now flat, offering clients greater access to information, choices, transparency in pricing, and quick-transaction environments. 

In a world where clients have unlimited access to information and choice, and where markets continue to contract as margins decrease, sales organizations are taking a proactive role to improve their relationships with clients through learning experiences designed to enhance the client journey.

As a sales executive, the imperative for today is managing a revenue-generating organization that continues to grow new clients, increase wallet share with existing clients, maintain and grow strategic partnerships and alliances, while ensuring the continual development and evolution of the organization at all levels. Staying ahead of the innovation curve is challenging enough, onboarding, growing and maintaining sales skills continuously connected to the overall corporate mission can be the obstacle to reaching your goals.

Securing Your Sales Results

Our team of seasoned professionals have years of experience accelerating the ambitions of your peers and competitors. We have worked on both sides of your business, in leading sales and top marketing organizations, and as consultants, gathering client insights in a variety of industries–each with the same laser focus of driving growth revenue.  Our team has lived your challenges, fought your battles and genuinely can empathize with the obstacles facing you and other sales executives today. We focus on solving problems, creating calm where there is chaos, and provide boundless energy to realizing every opportunity at your fingertips.

Our team of dedicated professionals can engage at any level of need. We can enable your entire organization’s transformation, elevate your problem or underperforming areas to a new level of excellence, an/or optimize programs and processes for maximum efficiency. We can consult with you to identify issues and gaps in your sales process or organization. The result is a fully enabled sales organization effectively engaging and serving your clients, partners and revenue-generating teams, with client growth at the center of everything.

Today’s engagement is not like yesterday, this new way of approaching, connecting, and interacting with clients, means your management and their sales-facing teams need to radically shift their approach.  Between your business priorities, your CEO’s strategy, and the overall performance of your sales organization, client facing teams, and alliance partners; our team has defined the “who, what, where, and how” of creating and sustaining the strategies and operational behaviors proven to drive profitable growth and increase productivity—up, down and across your organization.  We work with you to launch and cascade strategic initiatives to drive your growth agenda, we identify new risks and new measures of productivity, which are required up and down the organizational chart. Most importantly, we help your teams work across functional silos, making collaboration and communication the lifeblood of your sales innovation.

Leverage our team’s expertise to identify and explore the potential opportunities for growth, modernization, and productivity for your forward-thinking—and doing, sales organization. 

  • Sales conversations that win new clients/business (optimize)
  • Custom sales training & methodology (transform)
  • Sales coaching (elevate)
  • Sales onboarding / training (optimize or elevate)

Recent Client Projects

Counsel, create and launch initiatives promoting diversity as a core corporate value that enhances the client experience. Counsel on strategies for managing company growth and corporate development initiatives

Develop and execute strategy and programs that evolve and retool sales organizations for today’s markets.

Identify and develop skills and capabilities necessary for executive leadership to attain and sustain the company’s strategic future state.

Identify and assess skill requirements for employee roles and a path to evolving those skills needed to achieve success.

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